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Dr. V. K Kapoor


Dr. Sanjay Tandon
Universities, teachers, students and stake holder associations today are entrusted with grater responsibility to provide globally skilled human power at all levels, having breadth of knowledge, conscientious of their social responsibility and commitment to serve humanity.

Dr. Hari Om
It takes someone special to be an educator, a person who cares for others, and aims to help students grows to their fullest potential. Distinguished institutions have such special people, who are capable, dedicated and hard-working along with having an interest in making a substantial difference in the future of students. They aim to build a holistic profile of our students and ready them to venture in the global arena with an optimum amalgamation of strength of character and academic excellence. On this note of hope, I wish for a brighter and better tomorrow for all of us.

Dr. J. K. Awasthi
Institutions are not made of brick and stone or its building. The soul of the institution is its students, teachers, members of non teaching staff and honorable members of management. If they are tied together in bonds of mutual love, friendship, co-operation and co-ordination, the institution will continue to raise its head high and obtain its right place in the fraternity of institutions. For these attributes discipline is overriding principle. We have therefore, each one of us to fulfill his/her obligation and duty honestly, sincerely and with all conscience.
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