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About Library

The Soul of any academic institution is its library and the standard of books. Narain College has excellence in this regard. College provides the facility of central library in its premises and individual libraries in each P.G. department. The books are also provided to the Teachers / Research Scholars / Staff / Students and a good academic environment is maintained in the library. So that Teachers / Research Scholars / Staff / Students can read the reading material. Shri Amar Singh Jadon was founder librarian.


Narain College Library first established in 1956 with collection of 675 books in one room and in 2012 shifted in new own building with collection of 60550 books in College Library, 24732 books in Book Bank, 2500 Bounded periodicals and 70 journals in different fields.

Library Space

10,000 sq.ft.
Space for Reading Room – 1400 sq.ft.
Space for Stack Room – Two Stack Room in library.One for college library in 1500sq.ft.and others for book bank is 1200 sq.ft. in area.

Librarian in Chronological Order

S.NO. Name From To
1 Shri Amar Singh Jadon 1956 19-Nov-1991
2 Shri J. P. Saxena 20-nov-1991 tillnow


S.NO. Name Designation Qualifications
1 Dr. V. N. Tripathi Librarian M.A.(Pol. Sc.), LLB, M.Lib.I.Sc., Ph.D.(Lib.& Inf.
2 Shri. Sunil Kumar Cataloguer M.A.(Sociology),B.Lib.
3 Shri. S. K. Upadhyay Library Clerk Intermediate, D.Lib.
4 Shri. Raghuveer Singh Library Cleark B.A.
5 Jitendra Kumar Library Book Binder High School
6 Shri. Omkar Singh Library Attendant Intermediate, Adeeb-e-Mohallim (A.M.U.)
7 vacant Library Clerk -
8 vacant Library Clerk -
9 vacant Peon -
10 vacant peon -

Total Collection

College Library – 60550 up to 31-03-2013.
Book Bank – 24732 up to 31-03-2013.
Periodical – 2500 Bounded back volume.
Journals – 70 journals are subscribed.

Acquisition Section

In order to acquire all sorts of reading and research materials, there is an Acquisition Section which acquires and collects them for the use of the readers. In order to provide these reading materials, the acquisition section after leveling the reading materials sends to the librarian for classification then librarian sent to the technical section for accessioning and cataloguing. So that books and other reading material could be used in their respective section. At present there are 60550 books in college library and 24732 books in Book Bank.

Circulation Section

This section provides reading material to the Teachers / Research Scholars / Staff / Students for home.This library follow card and ledger system for issue and return of books.Details of no. of books issued to each type of readeris as follows

S. NO. Category No. of Books Days
1 Teachers 40 --
2 Contact Teachers 10 --
3 Temp. Teachers 05 --
4 Research Scholars 05 -
5 Non-teaching Staff 20 -
6 Temp. Non-teaching Staff 05 -
7 P.G. Students 02 14
8 U.G. Students 02 14
9 U.G. & P.G. students from Book Bank 04 Full Session

Technical Section

There is a Technical Section for all reading and research materials acquired, where they are accessioned and catalogued before they are sent to respective sections to be used by the readers.

Reference Section

There is a well-equipped section of Periodical Literature for meeting the information needs of Teachers / Research Scholars and the Students. In this Section all the current periodicals are displayed properly for the use of the readers and their back and bound volumes are maintained in systematic order. This section acquired 70 journals presently.

Computer Section

In order to augment The Library resources under the programme of INFLIBNET : Project of UGC computerization of the whole collection of books and journals is being done and a database of books is in processing.


In order to meet the various types of information needs and queries by the users of the library. The library arranges and provides personal assistance and guidance to the readers on demand.

Departmental Library

Besides the central library there are many departmental libraries, which are well equipped with latest books.

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